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About  Me

Hey you, I'm Courtney Q!
           and I'm so glad you're here.

Belonging. Different than fitting in.​

We’ve all experienced ‘fitting in’ - giving away parts of ourselves to be part of a group

But I think we all long to belong. To know we’ll be accepted when we show up as all of who we are

I know I have.


I spent most of my life, not ever feeling like I belonged. Did I have a "friend group" even

As people would often point out, "you don’t have a circle of friends, it's more of a constellation."

My friends are like a constellation, baby. Yes, I like that. Andddd

RIV07883 copy.jpg

Was I a shapeshifter? Absolutely.

I learned from an early age how to contort myself to be who others wanted me to be.

I learned to shrink, hide, chop myself into a million little boxes to give to the right person at the right time


It was f*cking exhausting.

But I wasn’t alone at least, right?

We’re animals after all. Social animals.


It's beautiful to have connected with so many different people

I think it’s in part because there’s so many parts to me -

I am the friendly extrovert, wanting to know the heart of everyone in the room and share my raucous laughter

And I am also the sensitive introvert, deep in thought at the cafe in my blissful solitude, observing human nature and that simply adorable birdie as they do their thing

I’m 5-6 different European races. I’m also Chinese.

I’m deeply spiritual. And I love a good jumpsuit.

I was the ‘band geek.’ And I was the cheerleader.


How often do we hide parts of ourselves because we think they won't be accepted?

Or, because we're not actually accepting all of who we are?

We are all multidimensional, complex beings.


I'm on a mission here - belonging style - individually and collectively

Because we don't just deserve belonging

It's our human right to belong.

The need to belong runs deep. It's primal and it's as necessary for our survival


And when we don't have belonging,

We settle for fitting in

Or commit outrageous acts of violence


But what could be more painful to the human soul than having to squash itself into different boxes and cut off from different parts of ourselves.


I say it is our sacred responsibility to own all parts of ourselves


And when we awaken to the truth of it, that we belong to ourselves, to each other and to this planet by simply being ourselves !!!
(aka BE to Belong) -


Then we awaken to the truth that we have a responsibility to awaken our infinite potential, for ourselves, each other and for the good of this planet.


There is actually nothing to hustle for.

It's not what we do,

Or what we have

That dictates true belonging

It's our ability to be, to truly be all of who we are.

Be to Belong.

To hold ourselves in all that we are today, to allow everything that we are feeling to belong - and in every moment as we continually evolve


And so a question may be, is it outside in or inside out?

Do we need to cultivate more spaces, more structures, more groups in the world to support belonging?



Be to Belong.

Individually & Collectively


But in order to belong,

Belonging is a truth we have to embody from the inside out

We awaken to the truth

That we belong to ourselves, to each other and this world

By simply being. Being ourselves.

Facts about Me


3. I love to climb
Climbing stokes my inner flame. For me it is the physical manifestation of "going for it", giving the wall my all and seeing my progress. It's an interesting balance of knowing your limits and being determined to push past them - physically, mentally, spiritually. I've been primarily a gym bro with great aspirations for the outdoors.

4. I   love language learning -    de momento, el español  <3
Mi corazón!! Learning languages opens my heart. To new ways of seeing the world, people, music ... I love it all.

5.  My ethnicity is very mixed
I am many things - 50% is Chinese & Portuguese and the other 50% is German, Dutch, British, Irish & Scottish.

5.   Meditation, yoga & writing have been part of my morning  routine for 4 years   now
My daily practice of coming back to myself in stillness to ask what's real for me today has massively impacted my journey. 

6.   I love trying new things & meeting new people
Among the lot include improv courses and salsa classes! I often pick up more hobbies than I have time for. :O I'm working on it!


1. I live in San Francisco, CA
From the Bay originally & have lived in SF for over 3 years. I have a thing for big cities - it's the unique pulse, it's the not knowing what you'll find around each corner. Always something to discover and always someone to meet.

2. I  am deeply   spiritual & love
learning about the esoteric and the unseen

Chakras, astrology, human design, tarot - you name it. Astrology is a huge tool I use to understand myself as a soul and our greater universe. I'm a big ol Saggi - 5x! Meaning - I'm a free spirit and love thinking big picture. My Mercury is in Scorpio which is my truth seeker side - my need to understand human nature runs DEEP.


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