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An ethical social media platform to help college students find belonging.

We create a safe space to reflect on our lived experiences through the medium of voice. Together, we explore themes universal to life as a human - things we all go through. Examples include fear, courage, failure & success.

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The goal is not to become an expert on mental health, but rather an expert of our own experience.


Technology is powerful. You know that. And the design of social media platforms is impacting billions of people's lives.

We don’t accept the unethical ways social media today has manipulated our fundamental human need to belong - been used to hijack our minds, outsource our self-esteem and magnify our tribal tendencies -
all in the name of profit at any cost.

  AND the key to expanding our potential
- as individuals & a collective.

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We believe belonging is at the root of our mental health crisis

We see a social media of tomorrow that returns our minds, our hearts, our capacities to feel -
our birthright to be who we are.

Learn more about our design principles

Will you join us
in this new kind of belonging?

Not based on what you DO,

Or anything you HAVE.

At Be to Belong, you belong by simply being.
Being all of who you are.

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Our first pilot concluded in September. 
Learn more

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"We're all the same and we're all different."

Let's explore this human experience together.

Thoughtful          Conscious         Meaningful 
Reflection          Intentions           Actions

We're committed to the "BOTH, AND" -

BOTH creating external spaces & communities where people can show up fully

AND helping people cultivate the tools to create these internal spaces of belonging within themselves.

            WHERE - Follow the journey on social media


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