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Will you join us
in this new kind of belonging?

Not based on what you DO,

Or anything you HAVE.

At Be to Belong, you belong by simply being.
Being all of who you are.

Woman at the Beach

Thoughtful          Conscious         Meaningful 
Reflection          Intentions           Actions

We're committed to the "BOTH, AND" -

BOTH creating external spaces & communities where people can show up fully

AND helping people cultivate the tools to create these internal spaces of belonging within themselves.

Big Leaf

We're building a   healthy social media platform
to help college students find belonging.

Watercolor Bird 2



"When truth is realized and fully  felt, change happens naturally."

  • Inner & Outer Belonging is a human right.
    We are committed to sharing tools to help people cultivate belonging within themselves.
    We also recognize that no person is an island - we are affected by our environment.
    And thus we are committed to interrogating, reimagining & co-creating spaces of inclusive belonging.

            WHERE - Follow the journey on social media

Meditate with us

Join Sara & Courtney Q each week for a meditation experience to introduce the theme. Meditation will be available on Youtube Mondays - recommended listening 1x/day for the week.

Join a Sunday Session
at Golden Gate Park

Come on down to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for an opportunity to be in community - do some fun yoga & chat about the theme of the month/week with others.

Journal   on the theme

A free PDF worksheet with journaling prompts will be available for download each week through the website. Let's go deeper within - exploring your inner world to become an expert of your own experience.

Why journal? The mere asking of a question plants a seed within our being! The question is asked, and your subconscious begins swirling on an answer. No need to be strict with your journaling - there is no right or wrong answer here.


Read   social   media / blog

We aim to only share content aka 'plant seeds' worth planting. Watch your consumption 'fo sho,' and read the various perspectives we share on our Instagram and right here on the Blog.

We'll never endorse mindless consumption. Tag us so we can repost you.

Submit a voice memo  

We want to hear your reflections! Respond to the 'seed of the week' by submitting your voice memo through our widget on the website each week. We'll send you 2 other peoples' memos at random. (Eventually we look to build a platform, buIn addition, we'll be rounding up the voice memo's into a podcast episode.

Why participate? There is a power in sharing our story and witnessing other people's stories and lived experiences. We believe that by combining the forces of thoughtful reflection & supportive community. We also believe that listening to a human voice engages a different part of the brain & being than reading text or viewing images. and perhaps can even help u

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