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Sandbox Sessions

with Courtney Q

The Sandbox may be for you if...

  • You find yourself stressed out and anxious a lot of the time

  • You're unsatisfied with your daily life and know there's something more for you out there, but may be unsure what it is exactly

  • You may have some ideas of the life you want but getting there seems hard, impossible, or plain FUZZY

  • You've tried to make a change in your life before but fell back into old patterns; you are ready to try new approaches and welcome in support

Welcome to the Sandbox!

In the Sandbox, all of you belongs and anything is possible. It's time to come alive from the inside out. To lead a life you are EXCITED about, that's aligned with your values and something greater than you.


I hold space in a 50 min Sandbox Session where all of you belongs - nothing is too dark or too much here - where you get to explore all of who you are, all of who you are becoming, and where we are both FIERCELY committed to your infinite potential. This will happen via embodied movement, dialectical thinking & your own experiments in the wild.

And thus together we will - 

Big Wave_edited_edited.png

"Express wildly

       Examine thoughtfully

             Experiment playfully"

This work will be fun! And with any growth work, I can't promise you that it'll always be comfortable.

   Sometimes "a grain of sand" will get in your eye (Am I crying?)
   Or the metaphorical sand down your pants (I'm itchy in new places!!)

But I can promise you that cultivating this true sense of belonging within yourself will be worth it. We go deep so you can create a life aligned with your deepest desires & enjoy every step along the way. 

As your belonging guide & life coach I'll be there, acting as a compassionate mirror - reflecting back to you both your genius and your blind spots. 

Ready to  kick off your shoes & get in the sandbox?
Book your free Sandbox Discovery call now!


1. Why belonging? 

  • I see belonging as the foundation that makes us feel safe to show up fully. We feel safe to experiment, to PLAY, to make mistakes without fearing we will be cancelled. This expands our creativity and gives us access to all the answers we're looking for - inside of us!!

  • Having belonging means we feel safe to evolve and change. Change is the most natural thing about this human condition. We fear change but the truth is, the safest place to be is in a state of infinite evolution. It just requires that you come back to yourself, moment to moment, to bridge your inner and outer worlds.

2. Is this therapy or a substitute for therapy?

  • No. Therapy is more past-oriented. It can work well as a complement to our work in tandem. We will mainly be focused on your present and future, though will certainly not shy away from exploring patterns & their roots if they come up. If you are in the early stages of processing deep seated trauma, I would recommend you start with therapy. But as always, trust your inner guidance. There are many great resources for therapy that I will include on my site in good time!

3.   What is dialectical thinking?

  • Check out this awesome diagram (below/to the side) from Human
    Capital Leadership Institute!

4.  What is embodied movement?

  • If trauma is stored in the body, our path to healing, freedom,
    liberation from is also in the body. There are no limits to
    embodied movement - from shaking, dancing, acting through
    the body a certain feeling or emotion, etc. It can be used to 
    release stuck emotions and to cultivate new ways of being.


5. What kind of prior experience do I need to   have   a
Sandbox Session?

  • No experience necessary! I do recommend having done some 
    "inner discovery"/introspection work, but perhaps this is where
    your journey begins.

6.  Do you accept insurance?

  • No. Payment will be accepted via Venmo or PayPal.


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The Pillars: Our Mutual Commitments

The power to transform through this work does not lie with me, it lies within your commitment to the process. Let's go!

I. Radical Responsibility / Sacred Ownership
- We take full ownership for ourselves & our choices. Responsible for our feeling and healing baby (feeling it all!!)

- At the same time, we acknowledge the larger structures at play & the centuries of cultural conditioning and trauma

II. I show up 100%, you show up 100%

- We did the math. 100% + 100% = infinite possibilities, infinite potential

- This is how we co-create outcomes greater than either of us could alone ~ "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts"

III. Commitment to the Greater Whole

- We recognize we are all part of "something greater", this inspires awe & a joyful responsibility to contribute in our unique way

- The Butterfly Effect: we heal and grow for ourselves and for the collective. It lifts all of humanity when we choose to rise

IV. Experimentation - Self Discovery & Expansion through Direct Experience

- We see experiences & activities in our outer world as ways in - into a greater understanding of self 

- Open to discovering, expanding & cultivating ways of being in the world that feel good and serve

V. Commitment to Self

-We understand that committing to ourselves isn't selfish; it is essential to living a good life & understanding how we can be of service

- You're with you til death do you part. So why not bet on yourself, go all in on you. You my friend, are your best investment.

VI. Care about the Why

- We think being honest with yourself is sexy. We stay curious about the "why" behind the "what" we're doing

- Things can get messy when you're in pursuit of what's real. We choose integrity over a facade of 'perfect' anyday.

Contribute to the Cause

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