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IV. Glimpses


In this coaching program, I had homework. And lots of it.

Only this homework looked different than what I saw in Business school - no economics or statistics or business plans even

Imagine that!

They were things like -

Identifying my energy enhancers and my energy drainers

Writing out 100 things I loved about myself

Understanding the form to my internal impetuses - actions & thoughts that put me on a wheel of fear and contraction vs. love and expansion

And I was enjoying it. I was starting to gain some footing with my inner resources.

I was getting more glimpses into who I was after 2 decades of people pleasing.

And let's not forget about my project - there were also action items like -

Go to the women entrepreneurship meeting in SF and share your idea

Ask your friend to be your co-founder


But interestingly enough -- there was an opening along the journey with my coach, Nicole

I realized something

Despite my passion

Despite the fact I knew this cause was bigger than myself

I was not ready to start this business.

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