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About Be to Belong

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Be to Belong designs ethical technology to expand our human potential.

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We are here to transform

The future of   technology

We see a world where we recognize the responsibility of tech's power. We question our relationship with technology. We create space to have cultural conversations about what role tech should play - individually & collectively. We understand the evolution of our tech depends on the evolution of our human consciousness.

The future of   work

We see a world where everyone's job is an extension of our most authentic self-expression. Where we value the synergy of all parts of who we are. We believe that in order to help others 'find belonging,' 'reach their full potential,' we must create an organization of radical belonging from the inside out. 

The future of   business

We see a world where business meets real human needs. We take the time to understand the positive & negative externalities we generate. We build in the full cost of our products - to our society, our earth, etc.
We align incentives to transform apathetic consumers into empowered citizens.

The future of   humanity
     & belonging

We see a world where we are awake to the web of interconnectivity all around - bridging cultures, industries, all divisions. We acknowledge that each of us is important - that each of our perspectives hold a vital piece in the greater story of humanity. We build ecosystems that support thriving across the full range of the human experience. We become human beings again moved by our human hearts.



We're truth seekers,
baby. We care about
what's real.


We're all the same and we're all so different. We're meant to explore this human experience together.


Because life is meant to be fun! Play creates
flow and opens infinite


We believe in living in the spirit of discovery.
With ourselves,
each other & out in the whole world.


We see, honor & care about humans as multidimensional beings. We design solutions accordingly.

Life is meant to be fun.

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