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Be to Belong Community Pilot June - September   2022


"We're all the same and we're all different."
Let's reflect on this human experience, together.

"We're all the same and we're all different."

Let's explore this human experience together.

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6 humans. ~3 months. 2 continents.
A voice message experiment over WhatsApp.

What impact will sharing and listening to reflections on our lived
experiences have on our sense of belonging?

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Thoughtful          Conscious         Meaningful 
Reflection          Intentions           Actions

Our first pilot is a wrap! We will share  findings from our focus group soon. Consider all of the below past-tense.

How it Worked

This first pilot program will run for 4 weeks (ended up being much longer ~3-4 months) - plus a week for introduction & time after for post-pilot learnings & focus group.  

The one-month pilot will center around the exploration of one theme, universal to the human condition -

Our theme for the pilot is


Each week, we explore the theme in the context of our framework - SOW. We will provide participants thought starters, questions, meditations -- and allow them to SOW the seeds of their own understanding through shared reflection.



Relationship with Self



Relationship with Other



Relationship with World



Integration & Unexpected Connections

Unexpected Connections.png

"When truth is realized and fully  felt, change happens naturally."

Join us! Ways to   get involved & join the reflection   revolution ;)

Though the closed group pilot will not be broadly available yet (we want to do more testing before scaling any platform - consciously studying impact will always be our priority over viral growth) --

We invite you to join the journey through social media @betobelong!
We will share many free resources for you to deepen your own belonging. Ride the wave of this pilot with us.

Get moving!

Weekly in-person yoga classes hosted by founder Courtney Q at the Center in San Francisco! We will also aim to share free YouTube yoga resources as we believe in the value of an embodied approach.

Meditate with us

Join Sara & Courtney Q each week for a meditation experience to introduce the theme. Meditation will be available on Youtube Mondays - recommended listening 1x/day for the week.

Why meditate? The act of sitting quietly with yourself for even 5-10 minutes per day is truly revolutionary in our busy, loud world. Experiment with what happens when you spend a tiny fraction of your day connecting with YOU.

Why the body? Truth lives in the body and so does our transformation.

Journal   on the theme

A free PDF worksheet with journaling prompts will be available for download each week through the website. Let's go deeper within - exploring your inner world to become an expert of your own experience.

Why journal? The mere asking of a question plants a seed within our being! The question is asked, and your subconscious begins swirling on an answer. No need to be strict with your journaling - there is no right or wrong answer here.


Read   social   media / blog

We aim to only share content aka 'plant seeds' worth planting. Watch your consumption 'fo sho,' and read the various perspectives we share on our Instagram and right here on the Blog.

We'll never endorse mindless consumption. 

Engage with us! Tag us responding to any of our seeds we pose to you and we'll repost you on our stories. :)

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