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The Platform

Design Principles - A Work in Progress

What we  won't  be doing...

  1. Designing for addiction and to maximize time spent on platform

  2. Relying only on tech bandaids (aka time limits or auto log outs) to guide mindful usage

  3. Measuring success only based on actions taken in app

  4. Creating dependencies on the app for well-being or self esteem

  5. Ignoring & glossing over the externalities we generate

  6. Building for viral growth

  7. Seeing those who use our product as "users"

  8. Ignoring the complexity & nuance of the human experience, intend for users to only be comfortable and "happy" at all times

  9. Adopting a business model that compromises our citizens' well-being.

  10. Pretending (or claiming) to have all the answers.

What we  will  do...

  1. Design intentionally to support  ‘citizens’ in meaningful ways -
    create technology that supports humanity in reaching our full potential, as individuals & a collective.
    Start by fostering belonging - deepen our relationship with Self, Other, World.

  2. Design for personal autonomy: support inner awareness of limits & capacities -
    connect people deeper with their bodies, with their inner sensations, to create space to recognize when they have had enough time on the platform - if they are dissociating or tuning out. Strategic use of tech 'bandaids.'

  3. Design for online and in-person connection -
    see our 'citizens' as whole-humans with lives outside the app & aim to enrich it. Recognize our responsibility and create in a way that connects local communities & empowers them to be more alive in it.

  4. Help people source & cultivate a healthy self-esteem from within - 
    connecting people with both inner and outer resources will always be our goal - and our app just one option to enhance well-being.

  5. Continue to seek feedback from our 'citizen base' (user base) -
    to understand the positive and negative externalities we generate. Pivot and experiment accordingly.​

  6. Build intentionally and mindfully, with space for reflection within the organization -
    prioritize the impact / quality of the experience over onboarding as many as possible. Manage resources and implement strategies accordingly as scale grows to maintain quality of experience.

  7. Regard our 'users' as citizens -
    who play a pivotal role in co-creating the platform. Give them space to advocate for their interests - look into co-op models.

  8. Embrace the nuance of the human experience -
    growing often comes as a result of discomfort, but there is a fine line between 'uncomfortable' and 'unsafe.' Make the commitment to evolve our technology as we evolve our understanding of humanity.

  9. Align business model with the goals of the organization -
    embody our values at all levels - make working at Be to Belong a vehicle for reaching your full potential. Continue in curiosity to understand
     human biases and organizational behavior.

  10. Seek advisors from many (close to all?) sectors -
    create holistic understanding of problems and solutions by seeking out voices from ~all industries and identities in the conversation. Aim to bridge and create spaces for deep listening.

Our Framework

Relationship with Self


Relationship with Other


Relationship with World


Integration & Unexpected Connections

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"When truth is realized and fully  felt, change happens naturally."

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