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What does it mean to do the work?

‘Do the work!’ They say.

But WTF does this mean?

No one can give you the answer and they’re not in the back of the book anymore.

Only you can know what’s best for you.

Here w/ Be to Belong, I will always aim to provide more questions and frameworks than ‘answers’

Because only you have the answer.

You can think of anything I share as a simple ‘thought starter’

I’m here to provoke ya!

In the most kind and playful way :)

The goal is to empower you from within, to help you develop your own toolbelt of resources.

And don’t think of your self discovery, self growth work in isolation, as a part of your life you only learn from experts for X amount of time per week

It can include that


We are ALWAYS giving each other hints, possibilities, divine SEEDS of wisdom, divine directions back to ourselves.

It’s a way of life, your own divine dance.

It’s up to you to lean,

To groove into that.

'Do your dance,'

Lean into yourself, baby <3

originally posted on IG @betobelong 11/23/21

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