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VI. Lessons


But I never forgot.

I thought about the energy, the mission, the complexity of the problem we were solving with that project every day since.

So 4 years since that surrender and where have we been -

I've worked with 7+ coaches and therapists in individual and group capacities

I became certified to teach yoga and meditation

I started my own daily practice of yoga, meditation & writing

I traveled

I think I tried every hobby and meetup known to 'man'kind

I worked 5+ different jobs - from temp gigs, food industry, fancy marketing departments for large corporations

Some I liked, others killed my soul

I dated around, I made a lot of friends

I shared some beautiful times and at other times

I lost myself, I accepted really bad treatment

From the outside, most would classify this period as an example of massive "out of alignment."

Yes it's been a rocky 4 years.

But I see that I was in perfect alignment for all the lessons I needed to learn.

Since I was simultaneously doing the inner work, getting in touch with my inner GPS

I was able to BE in the situation (actually feel it), SEE the pattern, OWN my part in it, and CHANGE or leave, move on once I learned the lesson and INTEGRATE it.

FRAMEWORK: 1. Experience. Be in & feel the experience. 2. Notice the pattern. 3. Own your part. 4. Leave or make change when the call comes. 5. Integrate the lesson into who you are being in the world.

** Remember, a situation doesn't need to be toxic for it to fall out of alignment, or to need adjustment

Nope, I was not aware at all that this was the framework at the time.

FRAMEWORK - flow with life
Download PDF • 4.32MB

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