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VII. Moments


And now we've come full circle baby and I've written a full blown essay with chapters.

Should I write a book? Lol

~~ 4 years and through this process I found that the belonging I was so desperately seeking in every possible avenue outside of myself

Was right here, inside me

Through claiming, accepting all parts of me

This doesn't mean my journey is over

I will always be on the journey of belonging

Because belonging, owning all of who you are, is a moment to moment process.

It's accepting the emotions that are coming up, especially the uncomfortable ones.

Accepting the thoughts, including the ones we 'think we shouldn't have.'

(Note: Owning/accepting doesn't mean attachment. It's more of a taking responsibility for & allowing them to pass through. We don't even need to call it 'our' thought!)

There will be new parts of me coming up every day, every season and it is my job to hold space for it all

And trust that the pesky thoughts - they know where the door is

And if they don't, you can introduce them to it

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