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VIII. Beings


But here's where we really come full circle

I'm now starting a business (this is it)

The business I wanted to start 4 years ago that kicked off my whole journey

Was never my purpose

Neither is this.


What I thought was my purpose led me on this journey to uncover my actual purpose

Our universal purpose.

Our purpose as humans is to be.

Human beings. It's in the word.

We're here to be all of who we are. Our fullest expression.

We all share that.

And within that purpose, we have many different missions on Earth in our lifetime.

That's why we have the human suits.

Just like spies wear a 'costume' to achieve a certain mission, our souls do too.

Only our costume is in the form of a human body and an ego.

One perfectly equipped to carry out it's missions on Earth.

Starting from our true purpose, we are led into alignment with our divine missions

The mission of the moment may change

But our purpose as humans will always remain the same.

To be. To be all of who we are.

Be to Belong

(Yes, one of mine is Be to Belong. TNC was a mission too. :) )

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